A holistic womens space to awaken, embrace & unleash the Inner Goddess



Awaken The Light Within You

 I welcome you with a warm open heart and a big smile.  I encourage you to embrace the divine feminine within you, and embark on a journey into pure unconditional self care and self love. We all have both feminine and masculine aspects of ourselves and when they are balanced and in harmony we function at our best and connect in this world in ways we've not yet experienced. Fearless Goddess was created to empower and inspire you to awaken the self love inside of you that awaits and unleash the power and passion that sits within you. To balance the all aspects of who you are. It's time to step into the uniquely beautiful and truly free self that you are without apology. Learn to listen to and trust your inner voice, your intuition in relation to your body, mind, heart, soul, spirit and choices you make for yourself without judgment.


You are Worthy

 Are you’re ready to awaken and unleash yourself into that truly free individual just waiting to emerge and open the divine energy within yourself? Are you ready to make that scary step, yet not sure where to go, or even what you might do? I know, I’ve been there. It’s time to feel connected, loved, listened to and free to express who you are. It’s time to begin the healing of your mind, body, heart, spirt and soul, and let your spirit be free!

I am an certified advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner, Lightworker, Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach and Shaman. I work with the challenges you face and have faced within your life, with awareness and healing by utilizing energy healing, shamanic healing, yoga and more. I assist you with the tools needed to recover from or prevent you from going down a path that leads to the total apology of who you are.


Live With Authenticity, Edgeless Passion, Joy & Purpose

I teach, heal, inspire, and empower you to come back to you,  learning to love yourself and let that beautiful inner light shine bright with full connection to your intuition and pure unconditional self love so you can thrive and see the possible out there for you, and then work towards achieving it in your life.

I empower you to release the traps set inside of you, so you can let yourself “off the hook” for your past choices, places you’ve felt you had no choice, you’ve been hurt, unheard or discounted and the unsuccessful attempts based on what your past has been.  I teach you to release walking through life backwards, learn to focus and embrace the present moment and therefore free yourself to embrace the future you desire to create. and live life fully with peace of the mind, body, heart and soul having true life balance! Have a pure and unconditional love for yourself! After all, you are the most important thing you have. YOU ARE PRECIOUS!

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