Wellness Guidance

 Personalized health, wellness and nutrition and healing programs for women based on what is called bio-individuality- meaning what you need as an individual to be healthy, feel and look beautiful in all aspects of your life. These programs work with your specific needs and lifestyle to re-create and empower you. They are designed to transform your health and wellness habits into positive lifelong thriving health of the body, mind, heart and soul of you and bring out the beauty within you and on the outside of you. We are individuals with individual needs and these programs are geared exactly towards that… YOU! I take a look at all aspects of your life, learn about you as a person, learning your strengths and your challenges. I coach and guide you, building on your strengths and working with you on the challenges so you may overcome them. I highly recommend a minimum of three months to develop the lifestyle changes an 6 month program to  make the changes a habit, and a minimum of obeyer to master the changes you’ll be making. . I include many practices that compliment what is needed to achieve the desires you have for your life, health and overall wellness. and ultimately that inner beauty that is you. A 30-minute Get Curious Session is available to determine if this program is a fit for you.