Laura's Story

Before you begin reading my personal story,  you should know, that I don’t regret or hold any pain or blame of myself or others for my past. In fact, I sincerely and lovingly thank them. We all do things based on what we’ve experienced and we are all each on a path of our own.  I do not feel I am a victim, not any longer anyway. I am grateful for it all and I am open to sharing. I didn’t used to feel that way and it took years and a ton of healing to be able to say it, but it’s true. It has brought me to this place, to have this passion to help truly heal other women and that is huge!!! To see the light in another eyes, to see the happiness and the self love come alive allows my heart to sing so loud! 

I love myself and others deeply and I know that all of me is sacred and significant to this world. It’s a beautiful place to be. I’m a fun, goofy, swearing, loving, giving, passionate person who sees the magic in every moment and I’ll never trade that in again, not for anything or anyone.

In an attempt to make a change in my health and clear my anxiety disorder and after doctors were unable to help me,   I sought out an alternative medicine practitioner, and within 2 weeks my physical health returned to better than normal, with relief of all my chronic respiratory allergies.  This sent me on a quest for more knowledge into the holistic approach to healing, discovering that my body mind and spirit had the ability to heal itself!

A year after I healed my body, I had to heal my mind, my heart, my emotions and my spirit. I walked away from everything in my life at that time, everything I had worked for. I closed my business, left my husband, my car and my home and mostly everything in my home. It was one of the scariest times in my life and had the courage to take a leap of faith because I was dying inside.  That leap was the best choice I ever made.

What I realized was, that if you do what your authentic self is telling you to do, then you will get what you need to accomplish what’s next in your life. This realization took time to believe, because I had to learn to trust myself and believe in myself and my life.  Today I am successfully my authentic accurate and true free self!  I’m happy, at ease, centered and full of life! I’m successful in ways I didn’t think counted as success and I wouldn’t have thought possible in the  past! This doesn’t mean the old story doesn’t creep in once in a while because it does,  with each layer I learn more, I become more aware of why and those become tools for the next time I see something showing up and more tools for the women I work with!  The thing is, now I’m aware and I simply give it a kiss goodbye with love and ask it to go along its merry way sometimes with more ease than others. The more I do the more I trust my intuition or my gut.

We as women need to learn to listen to what our bodies, minds, our hearts, souls and our spirits are telling us. They work together as one. We are not who we are without any one of those parts missing or unhealthy.

I am at peace, happy and I’m free to be me, my true authentic me! Happiness is never about what’s outside of us. It is always  about what’s inside of us.

There was a time  when I allowed life, others or unhealthy experiences to live me. These days,  I live my own life to its fullest.  I’m grateful for everything in life,” and I never ever apologize for who I am or what is important to me!

The best thing I ever did was to walk away from my life. It was a life full of apology for myself. I have not even one regret. It brought me to a place that forced me to heal myself. I am forever thankful and grateful for that. It led me to study and get curious about everything and anything on a true healthy, happy holistic approach to life from the inside out. It brought me to realize and embrace the Healer and Teacher that i've always been and todicover what my true and real purpose is. That being to empower and guide each who comes across my path to be their happiest, healthiest most beautiful versions of themselves inside and out. To be your authentic self that you were born to be. To embrace and fully unleash that Fearless Goddess within you!

Have a happy, shiny,  soul singing, spirit dancing, heart glowing and everything beautiful always, forever and a day life! I look forward to hearing from you!


Laura Barsotti