Mystical Womens Yoga

Private Lessons


Individualized one on one sessions designed to open the body to gain flexibility, while building strength and resetting the nervous system.  We incorporate the Nawi's ( the energetic organs) and  ask for assistance in  releasing the stuck energy buried in those tight places for a long lasting transfomrative practice. 

 The sessions are 60 minutes in length. Laura works with each individual, adjusting them in poses in order to obtain the most benefit and learn the correct form  for each pose safely. For maximum benefit a minimum of two session per week is recommended  proper nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and continued breath work  off the mat.

Yoga Gatherings


Gatherings and circles are powerful in so many ways!   When women gather magic happens! We begin by setting an intention for our lives and calling in the divine feminine, our intuition and  the ancestors assistance  and the sacred directions to move with us in releasing our bodies, minds and spirits to become fully centers in our beings. We end with sacred flower ceremony to set those intentions in motion. 

About Mystical Yoga


Yoga itself is a 5000 year old practice of personal development. Yoga encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of us. Its a path to greater personal freedom, health, long life, heightened self understanding and of course a much more strong. flexible and healthy body.

Mystical Yoga is taking those things to the next level and incorporating "Shamanic or Medicine ways" into the practice.  We open the  Nawi's (the energetic organs) and call in assistance from the four directions, mother earth, father sun, the stars. the goddesses of the mountains and the universe or great spirit. We connect with the oneness that we are a part of and we begin the moving meditation of asana, breath and gaze.  You'll also learn the correct  form in the postures to develop and advance your practice over time.