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Evolve Goddess Gathering


Part of becoming  truly fearless in who you are and awakening that inner goddess, the part of yourself that is finely tuned into you intuition is to let go of what no longer serves you that lives in your mind, your heart and your spirit.

This course is designed to do just that, help heal those stories energetically and release them from the various areas they are sitting in your body, your mind, and your heart through energy medicine, sacred creating circles, yoga and shamanic healing. This course is 12 sessions on a bi-weekly basis with home fun and tools each individual works with in between sessions. including a journal, handouts and grip support through social media.   Price is per person and customizable options are available.  A minimum of 5 people is required per course gathering or series. Course length is a total of 3 months.

Get Curious


A complimentary 30-minute session to explore, discuss and assess your specific needs and desires and vision of an end result in person or on the phone to determine how holistic wellness practices can heal and empower you for permanent change and rewrite your story and the future of your life. Be curious and ask questions, but never question yourself.



A single session, in person or by phone geared specifically in regards to your life needs. In this session we discuss one specific thing you’re working on, then set the necessary tools in place for making the change permanent in your life.

Awaken Goddess Gatherings


Three months with six  bi-weekly gatherings creating and establishing a plan for your  health and wellness goals in one particular area of your life. A minimum of 5 goddess are needed for this gathering to create its magic! Investment listed is per goddess.

Journey Into Self Love Gathering


A beautiful 12 month journey into the discovery and mastery of self love and the rewriting of your life and story, to create what you choose it to be, in every aspect of your life. A journey that encompasses the mind, the body, the heart, the spirit and soul of you. The program incorporates the following:  Wellness and Nutritional Coaching, Energy Medicine, Yoga,  Shamanic Healing, Meditation, Breath-work, Sharing Circles, Vision Boarding with the love and support of other women on the journey with you, creating a community of women who support and believe in you.

This is a  beautiful and life changing journey that requires a commitment and investment in yourself and it is literally packed with goodies and everything you need to completely transform you life, rewire you, write a new story, awaken your intuition, your  heart and passions and unleash that inner glowing goddess inside you, who is strong in who she is, in every aspect of her life! For more information, see below

Minimum of 6 needed to secure this divine goddess gathering. Pricing per person is $1600.00.These gatherings can also be virtual without yoga and shamanic healing.  For more information or to reserve this group course in your studio, business or  establishment click here.