Meditation, Breath and Reiki Circles

Meditation, Breath and Reiki Circles


The choice of each modality individually, or combined together, to create the ultimate unique healing experience in your studio, business or establishment. Group workshops and healing circles bring balance, focus and harmony to each individual who participates in them. For more information see below.


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Choose each modality individually, or combine them together  creating the ultimate healing experience. Sacred healing circles bring  balance, focus, harmony and an overall sense of well-being to each individual who participates in them.  A gathering is an experience that allows individuals  to feel more comfortable and connect with others who are choosing allow their mind, body and spirit wellness to be a priority. Gathering give the ability to create connection by sharing and creating community and new friends. A minimum of 7 participants  is needed for all gatherings and workshops. These gatherings range from are 90-minutes to 2-hours in length.

Gatherings and workshopss can also be customized to focus on specific needs, goals, number of attendees and the overall experience desired.  Pricing for this, is determined upon consultation and creation of each individual workshop.

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Group Pricing:

Reiki:  $25/person

Meditation and Breath: $25.00/person

Combination: $40/person