Womens Retreats

Join us in the gorgeous Smokey Mountains of North Carolina and dive into your own unique and powerful self called YOU!

April 4th-7th  2019


Awaken Your Divine Feminine

During this retreat we’ll dive in to the delicious nectar of our souls true calling and embrace our wildly free divine feminine self by awakening and unleashing the fearless goddess within us on the new moon weekend with the assistance of Grandmother Moons beautiful feminine energy while bathed in sisterly bliss. 

When we take time for ourselves to explore all that is going on within the deepest parts of our soul, it opens the door to more love, more creativity, more passion and more joy.  It allows us to tap in and listen to our intuitive nature with limitless possibility that we so often ignore because of fear.


Embody Your Inner Goddess

From the moment you arrive you will be bathed in sisterly bliss, experience deeper connections to yourself and to the divine feminine, be caressed by nature and spirit, be opened to embodying your creative spirit, fuel your physical body with movement and nutritious meals and brave the path of deeper self awareness to arouse your inner muse. This retreat is an invitation for you to embody the whole self, your passions & dreams, your light & shadow, and so much more.  Continue reading for all the juiciness that’s included and any questions and curiosities you might have!  


Create Your Own Story

We as women are often expected to step outside of ourselves for others. We begin to forget who we really are, what ignites our souls, feeds our passions, awakens our creativity and causes our spirits to dance. Because we have been conditioned to be fearful of sharing our own unique and creative print for the world, we lose the ability to embrace and embody our authentic self.

It’s time to set all of that aside and take the opportunity to embody your true self. It is an invitation for you to reclaim your soul’s passion, joy and creativity and ignite it with your instinctive connection to nature, art, movement and the sacred goddess within.  Reclaim your authentic self by releasing your struggles, disbeliefs, confusions and fear and open to your true essence and intuition.  Allow the healing to happen and bring back passion, self love, and creativity into your life.


Sacred Circles & Shamanic Ceremony

Since ancient times women have gathered in circles for ceremony. When they do, a certain creative power emerges.  These sisterhood circles are drenched in sacred space from the Goddesses of the Mountains, the Stars, Mother Earth, Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, the 7 directions and our

Our own vibration and the vibration of the room rises bringing energy shifts. Fears will dissolve into courage.  Hucha (heaviness) releases and Anyi ( light ) emerges. Confusions awaken to clarity.  Disbeliefs release and our own truths are revealed. Struggles give way to possibilities. Overwhelm becomes the magic of creativity. We’ll be dedicating an entire day to embrace nature, create and manifest our choosings, experience the power of  shamanic ways and  learn to create your own sacred space and ceremony tools. 


Embodied Movement and Conscious Dance

Embodied movement through Yoga and Dance not only invites our bodies to feel free, releasing the tightness and tangles, it creates a shift in our senses. When we move our bodies with intention our minds chatter releases and we come into a meditative state that connects us with the wisdom of the universe  allowing it to guide us into the divine feminine energy that’s inherit in us.

As we step into our own rhythm and momentum by connecting our bodies to our breath, we merge with our spirt, she awakens us to our intuition. and own unique way and from this place we create our own story. 


Natures Wisdom

Women in particular are connected to nature and the rhythms of mother earth, the moon and the stars.  Nature call us to be present in each moment and flow with the tides of change. It teaches us strength, balance, flexibility, stillness, the ability to rise up, blossoming and generating our inner power therefore transforming us into our original way.

When we take time to become rooted in Mother Earth’s belly by touching her soil, we become grounded and centered. As we breathe in the energy of nature, our natural state of begins to open to our souls purpose with love.  We begin to hear natures beautiful song as she connects and envelopes our entire being tuning in to her energies and become one with her beautiful sense of peace. You’ll be guided to embrace what calls to you for your own Mesa, Alter and Sacred Space.


Inspired Intuitive Painting

Intuitive painting is so much more than creating a work of art.  It’s a way of accessing your inner wisdom, your truth and your deepest knowing.  It’s a container for expressing your emotions and your voice.  It’s a dance of your inner wild woman as you creatively express your authentic nature.  It allows you to be truly free. We will be dedicating an entire day to the pure bliss of intentional, intuitive painting.

No painting experience is necessary to enjoy the freedom of expression.  Your inner muse will be the anchor to creating a work of art to take home with you.

Renee Scheer

Your Guides Renee Scheer & Laura Barsotti

Renee Scheer, Soul Creatrix: Renee is a muse, artist and modern day goddess. She believes every woman has a creative fire, a wild and free soul that wants to be seen.  Her soul work is to guide and inspire women to express who they truly are by bringing women together to paint soulfully and with great abandon. Renee is a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, a Certified Sacred Women’s Circle Creatrix and has been trained as a spiritual channel.  To learn more about Renee, click here.

Laura Barsotti

Laura Barsotti, Fearless Goddess: Laura is an indoctrinated Pampamesayoq (Shaman/Paqo) of the Q’ero Inca Tradition of the Peruvian Andes,Certified Wellness Coach, Master Level Reiki Practitioner, 200Hr RYT and a free spirited modern day goddess. Laura believes within every woman is a vibrant, fearless inner goddess waiting to awaken and emerge. Her path and work in this lifetime is to teach women the sacred keys to freeing themselves so they can live the life they’ve always dreamed, by walking away from the practice of apology of self, shedding the past, transforming their whole being, connecting with their intuition and essence so they can connect with their spirt guides and regain the ancient wisdom that is always available to them. To learn more about Laura, Click Here.


Retreat Venue

All of the magic is happening at the Art of Living Retreat Center located in the lush Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. Experience gorgeous views, nature trails, nutrient packed vegetarian meals and a labyrinth garden including a variety of lodging options to suit your needs.

The retreat stay includes:

  • 3 nights lodging
  • Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as healthy snacks and beverages to suit your dietary needs.
  • All the delicious retreat magic included in the Self Embodiment Retreat

​Choose from single, double or triple occupancy rooms.

(Retreat rates are based on room choice. ) 

If you wish to extend your stay, the retreat center offers spa services, nightly kirtan, meditation, yoga and so much more. Please make separate arrangements with the center for your extended stay


Your Inner Goddess Is Waiting to be Awakened & Unleashed

Align with your deepest truths

Open to the mastery of nature

Activate and embody your ancient feminine power 

Raise your vibration with conscious intention

Ignite your creativity and embody your creative spirit

Nourish your body with vibrational movement

Release from separation and open into oneness

Bathe in divine sisterhood and deeper connection to self

Release the hucha (heaviness) and call in the anyi (light)

Connect to your unique way of you

This Retreat Is For You If:

  • You desire to connect in sacred sisterhood for powerful sharing and transformation 
  • You desire to open and express your inner voice
  • You desire to learn to trust you feminine intuition
  • You desire to have a deeper mind, body spirit connection
  • You desire to reconnect with and trust your own inner wisdom
  • You desire to awaken, ignite and unleash your passions
  • You desire to enhance and expand your creativity
  • You desire much needed time for YOU


Other Essential FAQ'S

Do I need to bring supplies or yoga props? 

All supplies for yoga and painting are provided for you, however if you have a favorite yoga mat, your more than welcome to bring it. You may also want a journal for writing. 

Do I need experience painting? 

No, You’ll be guided to express your inner creativity though thoughtful and intuitive intention. 

Do I need experience with yoga? 

No. You’ll be guided  through all the asanas and breath with a variety of variations to choose from.  The classes will be multilevel. Any props you might need will be provided along with the understanding of proper alignment and modifications to maximize the benefit and minimize concerns. The Yoga in this retreat is  “teaching you”  classes as opposed to “instructing you” classes, meaning you’ll learn  what you need for the best and most impactful results for right where you’re at.

What kind of food will be offered? 

The retreat center will serve healthy plant based (vegetarian) cuisine and will cater to your individual dietary needs ( dairy free, gluten free, vegan etc.)

Where is the retreat held?

The retreats being held  at the Art of Living Retreat Center in the Smokey Mountains of Boone, NC. 

Can I extend my stay? 

Absolutely! Please contact the retreat center directly and they will be happy to assist you.


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