Let me start by saying that I have done many energy workshops in the past, administered by well known spiritual teachers. Bar none, the energy that I received was indeed the most powerful I have yet to experience. During it I was moved to experience emotions and grief I didn’t know lay so deep. I was able to unleash them and replace them with an unimaginable peace. I highly recommend Laura for energetic healing!


Hi Laura,
Friday evening was magical; I felt very connected to the spirit world in a way that I haven’t before. It was a challenge for me to articulate what I was experiencing that evening and in a way, I was happy to let the experience wash over me and not try to find the words to described something so enormous and new, knowing I would have more than enough time to reflect, digest and find the words later. Now that I have found my words, I wanted to share with you the gift you gave me. During the meditation with our Kintu (sp?), I was heard and an unexpected answer came to me – everything that I’ve been searching for happens to be much closer to be than I realized (while this answer has literally been in front of me for months with me completely unaware). During the blessing when you came around to each of us with your medicine, when you sat with me, I felt your prana. But what’s more, in your breath I heard a chorus of whispers from our ancestors, what sounded like a thousand voices all whispering together “Heal!” And, all at once, it felt like my heart “popped” into place and radiated strong bright light. An explosion of color – blue, green, gold and white, in waves, ran through my ears and eyes. I’m not sure how to describe the feeling of the heart moving into its perfect place except in metaphor – like a puzzle piece that you’ve been trying to place in the puzzle, but every attempt the piece is in the wrong direction so no matter how you try to place it in its spot, it won’t fit. Then, suddenly you get it right, and the piece just “pops” into place – the satisfaction floods your mind and everything feels right again. A certain peace and happiness has not left me since that evening. Thank you for being your beautiful, radiant self and for sharing that with others! The light within me honors the beautiful light within you,
Laura is amazing! She has been such a blessing to my soul and spirit. In such a whirlwind busy life, I was able to reconnect to what’s most important-love, life, and inner peace.  really, What else matter?!? I feel like for the first time in my life, I am truly grounded and connected to MY being and others. Thank you Laura!
I am so inspired by your story,  your ability to share it and no matter what you keep choosing to be you.
Laura is a beautiful blessing. She has a presence that is kind and easy. She warms a room with her love and authenticity. I had a small group despacho session with Laura and gained so much from the loving experience. The experience is really something I have a hard time expressing into words as there is so much emotional content and healing that took place for me personally. She’s truly a magical presence!                                                                                                                                                    Ali
Laura is such a beautiful soul. Her energy embraces you with compassion, acceptance, and a connection of complete oneness. Centered in authenticity, Laura encourages you to discover that same true authentic self within; encouraging you to surrender into that energy with ease, comfort and contentment. I encourage you to spend time with Laura at a retreat, a Shamanic healing session or quite simply a yoga class…you are sure to leave with an awakened awareness of self love. Much love and gratitude

Laura’s knowledge of health and nutrition combined with Reiki in conjunction with her and the teams guidance has given me more energy, the ability to loose weight and improved the chronic pain I experience from my fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis.


Laura has helped me cleanup my eating habits and as a result I have more energy and I no longer need to take anti-depressant I was on for stress management. It’s been over a year since I’ve eaten any fast food or had an energy drink! At my last visit to the doctor, he said he was impressed with my condition and told me to keep up the good work!


Thank you Laura! Based on your nutritional recommendations, I took 100 points off my glucose, which is great after being diagnosed with Diabetes and I lost 10 pounds! All of this in 3 weeks! You’re the best! Love you!


You taught me to understand that we as humans need time to disconnect with the outside world ad connect with our inner selves. You used nature to guide me into a deep meditation, the sound of the ocean, an eagle flying overhead. I felt a deep peace for that hour and for many more hours afterward. It was and has been very enlightening.


Laura has given me a new sense of self, what it means to live freely as myself and move towards the dream I have for me, finding my passion and  self love by inspiring  me with the way she chooses to live life.


Laura is a beautiful human being with so much to offer in the way of healing


What a weekend!! I attended the Galena Yoga Retreat this past weekend in Elizabeth, 20 minutes away from Galena at The Country Experience. From the moment I turned onto the path towards the farm on Friday afternoon, I felt a calmness, the beautiful driveway passing by the pond up to the farm. Laura was driving with me from Chicago and we talked all the way up about all the healing we were going to do. Saturday morning we had a sacred healing breath session, combined with aspects of Reiki and meditation. It was so relaxing, peaceful and easy to follow, Laura was very supportive to guide me through the breathing exercises. The rest of the weekend we had vinyasa flow, a posture clinic workshop, tristana ashtanga, sun salutations, and stretching, while still having free time to explore the farm, and Galena. Might I say too that the food was so good, fresh from farm to table. Laura and her tribe of instructors did an amazing job. I think I speak for all the women that attended, that I didn’t really want to go home yet on Monday morning…I cannot wait for the next retreat and working with you again!! Thank you Laura!