The Q’ero Inca Way

The Four Achetypes

It is human nature to evolve, to yearn for understanding, expansion and personal freedom. We dedicate ourselves to improving life by seeking knowledge and learning practices, raising conscious children, helping others, defining who we are and what we wish to be. And yet for many, there remains a deep longing to embody something more comprehensive, to know lasting contentment in a world of constant change.

What if, in our search for understanding, we encounter the ancient wisdom that reveals we are both absolute consciousness and the expression of relativity in form– story and storyteller in one? The ultimate paradox. From this holistic perspective we learn to see that we create our reality based on our perceptual beliefs and how we can transform our lives by shifting our thoughts and taking ownership for our projections on the world and with those around us every moment of every day.

Awakening  our consciousness is always an inside job. Our separation-based thinking begins around one year of age when our mind develops a sense of self by establishing its own point of view. This dualistic perspective and other limiting influences in our environment forcing us to overwrite our original state of Oneness to create the belief that we are separate from everyone and everything. Herein lies our individual and collective illusion as a society.  In its recognition, a pathway to authenticity and personal freedom beyond what you might have ever thought imaginable is possible.

The ways of the Q’ero People of the High Andean Holy Mountain Tradition hold the keys to our union back into the oneness we have always been re-intoducing us to the Living Peace that exists. It is the ancient wisdom we come from, it our original home.

In the high Andes of Peru live a group of indigenous people called the Q’eros. They are the first decendents of the ancient Incan Civilization.  The Incan people were invaded by the Spanish in the 1500s and forced into labor of silver and gold mining.

Few escaped to the villages underneath the trees, up in the clouds in the refuge of the Holy Mountains  protected by the Apus (Mountain Spirits).  These beautiful  people survived and saved their sacred knowledge over the centuries.

The Q’eros miraculously preserved and orally passed on the sacred Inca healing traditions and ceremonies from one generation to the next. They have continuously drawn on the wisdom of the advanced Incan people that had previously flourished for thousands of years. They have continued to develop these advanced energies, sources in healing, ceremony and connections with the spirits of their home.

Don Mariano Quispe Flores-MyTeacher

In recent years the  Q’ero Inca Paqos (Shamans) have seen their sacred mountain glaciers begin to melt. This was a sign from the ancient prophecy that they should come down from the mountains to share their wisdom with the western culture.

Pachamama (Mother Earth) is in dire need for her people to know, what to do, to bring back the balance in nature and society that has rapidly deteriorated in the past century. This they have willingly done and are now sharing around the world with open hearts.

The Q’ero people believe they need to share their knowledge and energy because it is crucial for the preservation of life on this planet, this meaning the survival and thriving of our very existence. The balance of the masculine and feminine energies are crucial to the balance of this world and return the world to peace and health of the mind, the body, the heart, spirt and soul of all that live within it. These ways bring us back into union, back into right relationship and to originally designed state of this world and all that is within it.

The Q’ero do not see them selves as separate from each other as we do here in the west. They deeply realize that we are one with nature, with spirit and with all others, every thing that exists.  They do not know anything but unconditional and pure love for all that is. Nature has so much to teach us. If we know how to listen, respect and take time to love. The Q’ero see the divine in all and speak to each mountain, rock, plant and human and all other living beings with attentiveness and care, as we are all connected, each having a spirit and a uniqueness and wisdom or nourishment for us.

Many westerners have lost touch with nature, lost all meaning in life, lost their peace of mind, their wellness and their souls purpose. The Q’ero Inca shamans (Paqos) teach us, they guide us into living in balance and giving back to (Mother Nature, in reciprocity (ayni) and with each other. We search for something, the emptiness inside, the void that we seem to not be able to fill, these ways release that search, and bring us into the home of us once and for all.  I was given the honor of having these ways taught and instilled in me, to share, heal and teach others. its an honor, it is my calling on the earth in this lifetime.

In more depth, in the western world called a The Wisdom Keeper has been given the task to heal, pass the knowledge and rituals of the culture, in this case the Q’ero Inca to others. I am,  We are guardians of the knowledge of human development, The ancient wisdom, healing ways and teachings, including the gifts received from the Star Nations.

In every tribal culture there are Wisdomkeepers whose tasks include caring for Mother Earth, continuing the spiritual practices of the aboriginal people  and teaching other to live in balance with all life forms.

Indigenous people are animistic. This is not “animalistic”  The world anima comes from Latin meaning “spirit”. To be animistic is to be in right relationship with life force energy (spirit or soul). This is the oath I took. It’s deeply important to me it is part of who I am, it has been initiated/instilled in me.

There are two main paths. Each one is important and not lesser than the other they are:

The path of the pampamesayoc is an earth healer and one may also specialize in a variety of things. Coco leaf reader, pulse reader and healer who works with other specific healing energies. I am a pampamesayoc.

The path of the altomesayoc differs because one must be chosen by the mountains in the form of being hit by lightening 3 times and surviving. The altomesayoc then works specifically with the mountain energies and stars in his or her own way.

It is important to remember that both work with the mountains, the spirit world, the earth and the stars. One you are born into, the other you are called to.

The Q’ero believe we are the descendants of the star nations particularly from the Pleiades. They teach healing technique called Koto Kanchay (healing with the light of the Pleiades) and also the Q”oto Kuna Q’anchay Karpay (initiation) along with The Nusta Karpay  (The 7 Goddesses of the Sacred Mountains), the balancing of the divine feminine energy to bring back the softness and love within the world and each individual and The Hatun Karpay (Munay Ki or Great Initiation)


The Archetypes

The archetypes are organizing principles of the Universe.  The Paqo (Shaman) work with the archetypes when doing healing work and opening sacred space.  When you receive the Rites of the Hatun Karpay ( Munay Ki) they are planted as seeds in each of  your Nawis ( energy centers). It is important to remember that you have received them as seeds, they are pure potential – it is your relationship with them that will grow them into the powerful forces that inform your nawis  (eyes of your energy centers) in new ways. That is why we do fire ceremonies, to grow these seeds with fire. As you develop your own relationship with the archetypes, your descriptions will evolve from your experience and become your own as they reveal themselves to you Each of the archetypal animals has a differing energy and purpose.

Serpent Sachamama

Sachamama symbolizes knowledge, sexuality and healing. Perhaps the most universal archetype, serpent has always represented the healing power of nature. The staff of medicine, as it’s most seen and is formed by two serpents intertwined around a rod.

Sachamama teaches us to shed our past the way she sheds her skin, so we may walk with beauty on the belly of Mother Earth.

Jaguar Oturongo

Where serpent represents the power of healing which is gradual and incremental; Oturongo stands for sudden transformation. That which endures is always changing and renewing itself and that which remains unchanged perishes. We can transform our bodies so that they heal more rapidly and age more elegantly by embodying the forces represented by Jaguar.  It is important to give the old self a decent burial and to release it with love, and then leap forward into who we are becoming. Otherwise, we can spend years patching and fixing an old self which we have outgrown. Jaguar teaches us to step beyond fear, violence and death. She is the life force of the jungle and the steward of the life force.

Hummingbird Sewacanthe

Represents the courage required to embark on an epic journey.  Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to our source, where our spirit was created. When you do not have enough time, money or know-how for what you are attempting, hummingbird can provide the courage and guidance necessary for success. Hummingbird drinks only from the nectar of life, seeking the flowers, not the garbage, knowing stillness even in motion. Not built for flight yet undertaking and accomplishing the impossible journey.

Condor or Eagle:

Eagle perceives the entire panorama of life without becoming bogged down in its details. The energies of eagle assist us in finding the guiding vision of our lives.  Condor shows us the mountains we only have dared to  dream of. The eyes of the condor see into the past and the future, helping to know where we come from, and who we are becoming. Eagle allows us to rise above the daily challenges that occupy our lives and consume our energy and attention. Eagle gives us wings to soar above trivial day-to-day struggles, into the high peaks close to Heaven. Eagle and condor represent the self-transcending principle in nature. Eagle pushes us out of the nest to spread our own wings so that we may always fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.

Huascar: The Shadow Warrior

Lord of life, Lord of death: The harmonizing principle of the Lower World, our inner world. He/she is the renewer of the Earth and our own personal need of renewing those fields that are dense or heavy, those places that need light shed upon them to be released. The gift of Huascar is a harmonic and loving relationship with our inner shadow and hidden places.



Quetzalcoatl: The Conscious Creator

Lord of the dawn, Day Bringer, Morning Star. Quetzal is a beautiful jungle bird and coatl is the feathered serpent represented by the Caduceus of Western Medicine. As the organizer of the middle world, when you come into relationship with Quetzlcoatl you don’t have to micromanage your life any longer, your life flows and you move with your true self, the wisdom and the balance that is within you.



Pachakuti: Transformer Of The World

Keeper of the possibilities and the organizing principle of the heavenly Upper World, Pachakuti embodies the concept of circular time, stepping outside of linear time to make time stand still and bring heavenly order.