The Nusta Karpay

The Initiation of the Seven Nustas (Goddesses)
There are many more Andean goddesses but there are the most known and connected to one another.

Now is the time of the great transformation and balance of humans to bring healing to Mother Earth. The Nustas help immensely. The intent of the Nusta Karpay is to soften the heart of both men and women and to help empower women.

The seven initations are seeds of light or energetic points of transmission to bring feminine energy around the luminous body and to gain a strong connection with these goddesses so they can support you when you need it. As you heal and balance the divine feminine within yourself, so do you help heal patchamama. They will connect you more deeply with other goddesses around the world as they are in communication like an network of energy around the world grid

In the new times since 2012 called the Taripay Pacha”the century in which me meet ourselves again.” It so very important to embrace all of ourselves both masculine and feminine. Each of us have both within us. The feminine energies have been suppressed in western societies and other cultures as well since prehistoric times. This has created a great imbalance in peoples lives, relationships and all of nature. The Divine feminine is demanding to be recognized once again and the Incan shamans know how crucial this is. For the survival of life on this planet, balance needs to be restored on all levels. We need to give back to mother nature. We need to have respect for that which is feminine in nature as well as to the masculine aspects. Many indigenous cultures honor the feminine but the Q’ero Incas have never stopped honoring the feminine. Information about the Nustas was hidden in the mountains since the Spanish conquest. Now is the time for them to re-emerge and create balance on earth.  We Paqos come to share the knowledge with the rest of the world.

The Nusta Karpay has been directly transmitted to me from my teacher Don Mariano and recently has been deepend in the new energies that are coming to force. Hatun Paqos( High Shamans) Don Mariano and Don Claudio personally visited and held ceremonies with the Nustas and waters in order to strengthen the connection and initiations they would pass on to us, so that we can offer it to you.  I continue to go through a further process and deepening within myself in order to pass these on as my teacher Don Mariano as asked of me.

The Nustas are also connected to our chakras. The chakras are the organs of the luminous body and also contain our dark parts and history.

If you are already working in the Inca Shamanic Tradition you may like to work with a special goddess or Nusta and your Mesa (medicine bundle). You may bring this with you to the Nusta Initiations. You need  7 Chumpi stones or seven other sacred stones( khuyas) that are dedicated to each goddess. The Khuyas of your Mesa should not be the same as the Khuyas of your Nusta Mesa.

They are a way to connect with the Nustas after receiving the initiations.

The seven Incan Nustas and their benefits:

Mama Occio: Increase in vitality, passion and physical security. Mama Occio helps us overcome hostility, anxiety, depression and lack of confidence in our future.

Dona Mujia: Clears emotions and feelings allowing us to trust and have faith.  Dona Mujia helps us release jealousy, resentfulness, loneliness and shyness.

Mama Simone: Helps us with self esteem, obtaining a positive self image for ourselves, releases our personal power so we can use it for good, for independence, happiness and brings us in touch with our own unique gifts and into alignment with our cosmic personal path.  She helps us release dependencies, the lack of confidence in ourselves, any self condemnation we may have and all hostility and aggression.

Dona Teresa: For loving, caring, generosity, the ability to be selfless, healing, nurturing, to bring balance and discernment for what is right for us.  She helps us release indecision, feelings of paranoia, critical, manic depressiveness, moody or co-depenency. She heals the place within our heart where love is, where we know in our deepest place and whats good for us.

Maria Sakapana: Helps us heal our ability to express ourselves fully and communicate what we need to without fear or any other forms of fear that may come in. Maria Sakapana helps us with our creativity, our inspiration, being content right here, right now and beyond. She helps us live in the present. She helps us release poor communication, the inability  to express our thoughts, and all feeling of being timid or scared.  She brings us into harmony with our keen intuition and vision and the accuracy of our thoughts and emotions and what they communicating to us.

Huana Huamon Tikkia:  Helps us live an integrated life, the ability to have light energy and live at a higher consciousness knowledge state of being. She allows us to connect to source, to be grounded in life’s purpose and release any confusion and fogginess so we can reconnect as we were meant to live with the knowledge that’s always present at every moment.

Tomasa Huaman Tikkla: She is the goddess of freedom, her message is one of transformation. She brings the connection with light beings and divinity. Here we gain access to the connection of all that exists, to source and the dimensions beyond this one.